Ranger Bands EPDM

Ranger Bands® EXTRA STRETCH Bag of 1000 Made From EPDM Rubber: For Survival and Strapping Gear Made in the USA NGE61972 ™

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These are really strong wide rubber bands, Made From EPDM Rubber. RANGER BANDS HAVE 101 USES. Made out of EPDM Rubber for outstanding heat, UV, and saltwater resistance. ALL ARE EXTRUDED EPDM RUBBER EXTRA STRETCH. 2 " lay flat 1/2" wide 0.05 wall +/- 0.1250

  • 1000 Total Ranger Bands EXTRA STRETCH made from heavy duty rubber for survival and strapping gear
  • Good Fire Starters
  • TWICE THE STRETCH AS MY OTHER RANGER BANDS 2 " lay flat 1/2" wide 0.05 wall
  • Ranger Bands have 101 uses
  • Not Bicycle Tubes Extruded Bands Made From EPDM Rubber 101 uses