Medium Gear Wrapz Weather Resistant EPDM Rubber Ranger Bands®

Medium Gear Wrapz Weather Resistant EPDM Rubber Ranger Bands®

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Ranger Bands®

7" Gear Wrapz™ 4 pack - EPDM

Organize and Declutter with Gear Wrapz

 Rubber seven-inch Gear Wrapz are an excellent choice for the home and for small businesses. They are a quick and easy way to organize a range of products and cables. A great solution for cable management, use them in your entertainment room, or to wrap your small business electronic cables and wires. Reusable and non-metallic, they are made from a non-latex EPDM rubber, making them an ideal choice for use in latex sensitive homes or businesses. These Gear Wrapz are UVF and ozone resistant, and they hold up well in moist and dirty environments for cord organization in the garage or outdoors.  ​

  • Stretchable to fit a range of items
  • 4 - 7" x 9/16"​
  • Non-latex material EPDM rubber
  • Color: Black
  • Made in USA using globally sourced materials 

Conquer Your Clutter Inside and Out

Protect and Store Equipment
Protect and store your recreation equipment with EPDM rubber Gear Wrapz when not in use to prevent them from getting damaged or broken, while keeping your storage area organized.

Organize and Declutter your Garage
No more damaging your extension cords or garden hose during storage in the off-season, Gear Wrapz keep all of your cables, cords and hoses organized in your garage.

Avoid Tangled Cords and Lights
Avoid the yearly frustration of untangling cords, cables and holiday lights. These cable wraps keep your bundles organized and tangle-free for quick and easy set up or u