EPDM Ranger Bands® 5 easy uses

EPDM Ranger Bands® 5 easy uses

EPDM Ranger Bands®


EPDM Ranger Bands® 5 Easy Uses 


EPDM Ranger Bands® are typically used to hold multiple objects together. They have excellent resistance to water, steam, ozone, and U.V. rays and has very good flexibility properties at low temperatures. Their behavior against aging and climatic agents when used outdoors in the long term is excellent.


EPDM Ranger Bands® are specially designed for indoor and outdoor use due to superior elasticity. You can use our high-quality Ranger Bands® in a survival kit for bundling and packing.


How to choose EPDM Ranger Bands® measuring sizes:


The measurement of an EPDM Ranger Band® has three basic dimensions: length, width, and thickness. The length of a band is half its circumference. Its thickness is the distance from the inner circle to the outer circle.



Discover the 5 easy uses of Ranger Bands®


  1. Ranger Bands® to bundle up:

Yes, Ranger Bands® are ideal for bundling. They are the best to tie or strap wood sticks, water bottles, cords, or even items in your survival kit. It can also be used to tie the tent during camping. 


  1. Ranger Bands® for Slingshot:

Exciting, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like to be a pro with a slingshot? Well, with Ranger Bands®, you can get that perfect makeshift shot.


  1. Ranger Bands® for protecting gear:

Protect fragile items like your compass or signal mirror with a wide Ranger Band®, It will ideally hold the objects due to its resistance and elasticity. 


  1. Ranger Bands® tinder for fire:

Out camping with an emergency need for tinder. Do not worry! Use your Ranger Bands® in your survival kit, just tinder to start a fire.  


  1. Ranger Bands® to secure boxes:

Ranger Bands® are ideal to tie containers securely or fasten lids on your edible items, liquids, or even tools for camping and hiking. This makes the container secure enough to carry without worrying about spills. 


So what are you waiting for? Get your EPDM Ranger Bands® today.

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